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1000 tourists trapped in avalanche in China

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About 1,000 tourists have been stranded in a remote village in northwest China’s Xinjiang region due to heavy avalanches. The country’s state television CCTV reported this information on Tuesday.

Xinjiang province shares borders with Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia. Tourists go to Hemu village on the border there for vacation. Due to its natural beauty, the village attracts tourists from different regions of China and these three countries throughout the year.

According to CCTV, several feet of snow has accumulated in various areas and roads in and around Hemu. The region has been isolated due to continuous snowfall and landslides for several days. The amount of snow accumulated on the roads is so much that it is almost impossible to clear them soon and restore them to normal condition.

According to the report of the Chinese media Xinhua, several tourists have already been rescued by helicopter. However, around 1,000 tourists are still stranded.

The village of Hemu is located at the foot of the Altai Mountains. According to the Xinjiang Meteorological Department, there has been continuous snowfall in various areas of the mountains in the past few days. Because of this, the avalanche started from Sunday.

Rescue team members have started working to clear the snow from the road. However, due to the landslide, the tree branches and stones mixed with the snow are delaying the road clearing work.

Stormy weather is still prevailing in Hemu village. As a result rescue operation is not possible. Even sending fuel supplies is difficult now. A few Chinese military helicopters are said to be delivering flour and fuel to the village.


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