Home News 10 people sentenced to death, 8 life for killing Jubo League leader in Comilla

10 people sentenced to death, 8 life for killing Jubo League leader in Comilla

10 people sentenced to death, 8 life for killing Jubo League leader in Comilla

The court sentenced ten persons (absconders) to death and eight persons to life imprisonment for killing Jubo League leader Jahangir Hossain in Comilla’s Manoharganj. At the same time each has been ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 taka.

At around 12:30 on Thursday, Judge Begum Mocha of Comilla’s public security crime prevention tribunal special session judge court. Maryam Moon Munjuri announced this verdict. Out of the 18 convicts, 8 who were sentenced to life were present in the court while 10 who were sentenced to death were absent. The lawyer for the state. Mubarak Hossain confirmed this information.

Those sentenced to death are the three sons of Tajul Islam of Dakshin Batabaria village of Manoharganj, Comilla. Riyad Hossain (29), Mir Hossain (37), Anwar Hossain (41), two sons of Samchul Haque Patwari. Yusuf (36), Md. Ismail Hossain (35), son of Saleh Ahmed Misu (22), son of Shaheed Ullah member. Rajon, Tajul Islam’s son Manik Mia and Abul Hossain’s son Md. Mizanur Rahman, the son of late Sultan Ahmed. Rashed.

The convicts sentenced to life imprisonment are Tajul Islam’s son Noman (23), Sirajul Islam’s son Salah Uddin (41), Haji A. Samad’s son Abul Kashem (42), Moulvi Ali Akbar’s son. Shahidullah Member (55), Noor Ahmed’s two sons. Saleh Ahmed (32) and Md. Sohag (26), son of deceased Sofikur Rahman. Swapan (35), son of deceased Mantajur Rahman Md. Tipu (35).

According to the details of the case, on May 13, 2016, at 9 am, the accused attacked the house of Manoharganj Ward No. 7 Jubo League President Jahangir Alam in a planned manner due to prior enmity. At this time, Jahangir was killed by chopping with Chapati, a Chinese ax. Jahangir Alam’s brother was killed in this incident. Alamgir Hossain filed a murder case at Manoharganj police station accusing 20 people as the plaintiff.

The investigating officer of the case is Manoharganj police station SI. Nashir Uddin filed the investigation report against the accused in the court on June 8, 2017. The charge of the case was framed on 13 October 2019. The court gave this verdict as the charges against the accused were proved after hearing 12 witnesses and arguments for the state.

The lawyer of the state expressed his satisfaction with this verdict. Mubarak Hossain.