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1 thousand 285 illegal hospitals-clinics-diagnostics in the country

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The Health Department has found 1,185 illegal hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers across the country. The officials of the directorate said that this list is being sent to the field administration soon to close these institutions.

Experts say that this has been going on for so long due to lack of supervision by health officials. Not only should it be stopped now, but field level surveillance should also be strengthened.

Service Diagnostics in Kishoreganj of Nilphamari has been running for four years without any registration. No one was found in the examination room. Dirty equipment was found lying. All of which are dilapidated.

“I haven’t got the license yet,” says the owner of Diagnostics. And after three months I will close the business here. That’s why I’m not racing for a license.’

New Apollo Diagnostics in the same area is also in the same situation. No one was found responsible for the diagnosis. Both these institutions are unsanctioned. There are 19 such institutions in Nilphamari alone.

Last week, the health department sought information on illegal hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers across the country, on the orders of the high court. According to the information provided by the departmental officials, the maximum number of illegal establishments is 415 in Dhaka Division. After that, the location of Mymensingh, Chittagong and Khulna.

There are 252 illegal establishments in Mymensingh Division, 240 in Chittagong Division and 156 in Khulna Division. Also, 111 illegal establishments were found in Rangpur Division, 55 in Rajshahi Division, 48 in Barisal Division and 8 in Sylhet Division.

There are complaints that government doctors see patients in most of the illegal institutions.

Acting Director of Health Department (Hospital) Dr. Moinul Ahsan said, ‘We will give this copy to the field administration at the district level. They will coordinate with the local district administrators or magistrates and make arrangements to close the list. They come out of the law. I’m thinking of closing them down but if they want to come back through the law again, I will look very hard at these clinics.’

Hospital-Diagnostic Center has to be started with approval. But the opposite is happening in the country. The main reason behind this is the lack of supervision by upazila health officers and civil surgeons.

Additional Director General of the Department of Health Prof. Ahmedul Kabir said, ‘I think it is a moral lapse to open a health care institution just to do business and cheat people. Those without registration have many opportunities to commit wrongdoing. Governments are deprived of revenue and it is very difficult to know about their activities. I believe that we can fix those by strengthening monitoring.’

There are 5000 approved private hospitals across the country. And 10,000 diagnostic centers are running with approval.


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